The Filling Station is a non-profit 501-c3. It exists and runs solely off of donations for everything from taxes and electric bills to groceries and gym equipment. Because of this, we really rely on the community to support us. If you are interested, please donate any amount through the donate button and a receipt will be provided to you for tax purposes. You can choose to make this a recurring monthly donation if you wish. Thank you for supporting our area youth!

Donations & Needs

If you would like to support us financially, several options for how to provide financial support are given below. If you would like to donate specific items to The Filling Station, a list of common needs are available below.


  1. Send us a check by mail.
    PO Box 113, Clark Fork, ID 83811 
    We will mail you a receipt back.

  2. Set up automatic “Bill Pay” if your bank has online banking options. This is nice if you’d like to donate regularly without the headache of physical checks.
    PO Box 113, Clark Fork, ID 83811

  3. Donate via Paypal (see donate button above – small fees apply).



  1. Canned soup

  2. Cup-o-Noodles or Ramen

  3. Popcorn

  4. Kool-Aid

  1. Canned soup

  2. Cup-o-Noodles or Ramen

  3. Popcorn

  4. Kool-Aid


  1. Toilet paper

  2. Paper towels

  3. Bleach

  4. 409

  5. Large trash bags

  6. Sponges

  7. Liquid hand soap

  8. Bar soap & Shampoo

  9. Paper plates

  10. Paper/plastic cups

  11. Napkins


(208) 266-1808

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108 1st Avenue
PO Box 113
Clark Fork, ID 83811

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