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Above the Net


Join us June 1st-2nd for a couple days of adult volleyball.  To make it easy, just fill out the registration form below and pay online. Price is per person.

Official Registration Form

Adult Volleyball Tournament

Saturday-Sunday, June 1st-2nd, 2024.

$30 per person, please sign up below.


Teams sizes shall be between 6-8 players.


$30 per person. Pay individually.

In consideration of acceptance of this Tournament Entry, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever release and discharge any and all rights, demands, and causes of suit or action known or unknown, that I may have against The Filling Station, Inc. and their staff and volunteers, for any and all illnesses/injuries in any manner arising or resulting from my participation in said tournament. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in the race, that I assume those risks, that I will pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident, illness or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses, and that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this tournament. 


Proceeds go to The Filling Station Youth Center in Clark Fork, ID.


The Filling Station is a Christian non-profit 501C3 organization serving the youth in the Clark Fork valley.


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