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Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

The Filling Station was one of a host of dreams of Mark and Penny Rocha, that was realized through the hard work and dedication of a group of people over many years. Their vision was a 100% debt-free Christian Youth Center, always with God at the center to make it successful.

It started with a bible study, hosted at their personal residence, open to all teens who wanted to come. Penny would cook and serve dinner to sometimes 50+ youth. Some came for the message, which recounted Mark and Penny's personal experiences, some of the same struggles that the area youth have, and some came because they knew it was a safe place for them. Very soon, they realized the need was outgrowing what they could personally provide, and steps were taken to acquire the ground The Filling Station now sits on.

A board of directors was put in place and the building is still a work in progress, but it boasts a full size basketball and volleyball court plus equipment in the gym, a game room, media room, music room, and a commercial kitchen that can be rented out for special events, where Taco Tuesday is a long-standing tradition during the high school lunch hour, and there a numerous weekly bible studies and meetings open to the community youth.


It can be so much more than this, though. The Filling Station is a 503(c) non profit, and exists solely off of donations and grants generously given due to the volunteer writing of some locals. In terms of financial support, we have a few ways to donate. Please see our DONATE PAGE for opportunities.

Please visit our NEEDS PAGE  to see our monthly list of recurring needs.

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All activities that happen through The Filling Station require a waiver on file. Please read below and fill out the waiver for your child to participate in the various activities and trips offered by the Filling Station.




By filling out the waiver on this website, I give permission for my child, named in the waiver form, to attend any and all Filling Station Youth Center activities.


By submitting the form, I give full permission to Mark & Penny Rocha, Jeff & Laura Emmer, Zach & Lindsey Anderson, Patrick & Brittany Young, or Joyce Hatcher to assist my child any way necessary in case of illness or injury while attending the Filling Station.


In consideration of my child to attend the Filling Station, I forever release and discharge any and all rights, demands, and claims for damages and causes of suit or action known or unknown, that I may have against The Filling Station Youth Center, Inc., and its staff and volunteers for any and all injuries in any manner arising or resulting from my child’s participation in Filling Station activities. I attest and verify that I will assume and pay for my child’s medical and emergency expenses regardless of whether or not I have authorized such expenses.

Address: 108 E 1st Ave Clark Fork, ID 83811


Youth Center Landline: (208) 266-1808

Mark & Penny Rocha: (208) 266-1261; (208) 255-9520; (208) 290-8717

Jeff & Laura Emmer: (208) 264-5678; (208) 290-4250

Station Call/Text Information Line: (208) 304-2126



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